And Peggy!

Project Rebirth Peggy is ready!

I’ve just finished two Peggy Carter costumes for the new year. I’ve finally completed TFA Project Rebirth Peggy, and I have Age of Ultron Peggy as well – aside from the corsage, which I’ll be making shortly.

Age of Ultron Peggy! I’m considering dying this one again. :\

I plan on bringing Project Rebirth Peggy to Gallifrey One this year (Because I’m still rooting for Hayley Atwell to play the Doctor!). Last year was great meeting up with my fellow Peggy sisters from the Facebook Group (and now page – HERE), and I hope to meet up with them next month again!

Sorry for the crappy mirror Instagram pics, but that’s all I have for now. I hope to get a lot more taken at Gally!

Upcoming Peggy Projects:

Peggy w/Howling Commandos – Leather jacket outfit from TFA. It’s in progress. I have a pair of WWII double buckle boots from 1944. They are absolutely amazing, but I need to weatherproof and polish them a bit darker. Then I’ll make the pants and order the jacket. I’m very excited to do this one!

Blue Suit (Season 1) – I sold version 1, and I have the base fabric for the new one. I can’t wait to do this and also modify the McCall’s pattern for her shirt.

Undercover Peggy (Season 1) – I have the gold fabric. I just need to get to work designing the dress and making it. It’s so beautiful.

Blue Dress (Season 1) – I have the fabric, I just need to find the time to make this beautiful dress.

Off to the Races (Season 2) – Have fabric and hat base, as well as the shoes, earrings and bag.

I have more, but that’s plenty for now. 😉

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