Coming Up, In Progress, Etc.

One day I’ll get my stuff together and figure out exactly what I’m working on next. I need to write stuff down on my board. The board that’s not even mounted on my office wall. There’s a reason for that – looks like we’re moving yet again. sigh We’re at least staying in the area this time! No more moving across states. I’m hoping for a huge downsizing, so I may start selling off some old costumes (we’ll see).

Now with that out of the way, here’s what I’m planning officially for the rest of the year (in no particular order)…

  • IMG_20160314_094452IMG_20160314_094545Peggy Carter – Season 1 blue dress with red belt and trim
  • Peggy Carter – Season 2 red dress with hat
  • Peggy Carter – Season 1 incognito gold dress
  • Peggy Carter – Season 2 grey / orange (or navy/red) dress
  • Peggy Carter – Season 2 navy dress with blue trim
  • Peggy Carter – Season 2 incognito cream blouse and red skirt
  • Peggy Carter – TFA Howling Commandos outfit
  • Leslie Knope – Pawnee Goddesses Outfit
  • Batgirl – DC Super Hero Girls
  • Kaylee – Shindig dress remake
  • Fallout 3 Vault Suit

I have a few more that aren’t on this list that I hope to get done for DragonCon, and with it being less than six months away, this list will totally rearrange and change. A couple of these are already in progress, and I can’t wait to start documenting them! I hope to get at least one Peggy dress done for Fan Expo Dallas, since Hayley Atwell will be there on Friday. Leslie will be a fun one to party in as well as a super comfy one. I’m all about comfort. Ha! 😀

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