Dragon*Con Progress – Aug 4th

I’ve been consistently working on costumes for Dragon*Con – and while I’m still not finished, I’ve made significant progress.

New Costumes for Dragon*Con

Luna Lovegood (HPHBP)
This one is finished, aside from acquiring socks.

I’m also waiting on the hair extension that matches one of my Arda wigs (Ferrari in Ash Blonde).

jacketluna progress







Pin-up Cinderella (OD)
I need to finish the back lacing of the dress and make the headband.

progress wig






Bombshell Black Canary (DC)

I need to work on the gloves and style a wig. And also get a red rose to make a hairpiece. Other than that it’s done!







Jennifer Keller (SGA – Missing)

I’ve been needing to do this one for a while. So I found the screen accurate jacket from this episode a while ago. I finally added the patches to it. I’ve also since made a shirt that’s more accurate.

20140802_232634 20140804_113921 20140804_113957






I have been updating a few of my current costumes as well. I’ve since repaired and updated my Shindig dress, my Robin tunic, and I’m modding a safari dress for a casual girly Ghostbuster. Also my proton pack is almost complete thanks to the hubster.

Finished at last!!!
Finished at last!!!






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