Carrie Kelley Progress!

I finally started working on the actual costume for Carrie. I’m still having issues with the glasses, but I’ll get it figured out. Hopefully. Alright, let’s bring us up to speed.

Glasses: Perfect shape, lenses not green. May try going to Lenscrafters or something to get them tinted.


Wig: Not as red as I’d like, and actually looks brown in some lighting – May replace.

Straight out of the bag – needs some styling!

And I realized this totally makes me look like a boy. Carrie is kinda boyish though so I guess I’m on the right track.

Tunic: I’ve gotten a good start on it – I just need to finish the zipper, add the sleeves and collar, add belt loops, hem. All that stuff. The tunic has reminded me how much I love/hate working with spandex.

tunic front
Not the best shot of the front. Will have the curve at the front hem and an invisible zipper in the front.
tunic back
Princess seams are a must! I’m far too busty not to have them.

Shoes: I haven’t started the pattern for the shoes yet. I may pick up a pair of cheap keds as the kung fu shoes are a wee bit too big. Or I could sew elastic into the shoes. That may work.

Similar to what I’m using.

Cape: I have the fabric – I need to get some yellow jersey for a lining (maybe) and then get to work on that.

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