Linkshare: People to Follow

This has been a long time coming, but I feel for this week’s post I should share the love and introduce you to some friends and fellow bloggers who have some fantastic things to read.

A Thoroughly Dangerous Girl – My friend Ashley who traveled to study in the UK and is currently a PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University. She is a fantastic writer and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!

Domestic Geek Girl – A geek, photographer, cosplayer, mother, chef, you name it! She does reviews of products as well as post her opinions on today’s issues.

Kamui Cosplay – Svetlana is an amazing costumer and THE SOURCE on worbla armor and painting! She’s written the books! No really, she wrote books on worbla and wonderflex armor as well as painting it. I just bought them.

The Life and Times of a Bewitched Raven – My friend Christina who is a fantastic costumer and friend. This is her personal costuming blog.

Contagious Costuming – I love her cosplays and keeping up with her works!

Next Linkspam will focus on costuming resources.

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