Its not that I’m lazy…

Yep, right now…

It’s just that I don’t care. – Peter (Office Space)

That’s not entirely true. I keep looking through my costume closet, and I keep changing my mind on what to bring to Dragon*Con! It’s less than two weeks away, people! This should not be happening! What SHOULD be happening is I should be starting to pack. None of this silly changing my mind business! I should also be CLEANING MY HOUSE! Or even better – MAKING BAGS!!! Oi vey. It’s got to be the Gemini in me…I’m literally sitting here in my Jennifer Keller uniform trying to decide if I’m going to put the velcro and patches onto a jacket so I can wear it for my Stargate costuming panel. I’m thinking yes, but that means I’ll have to cut another costume. That’s my rule. If I’m adding one I’m taking one away. Nuff said.

*Cue JAWS Music*

…30 Minutes Later…

Okay so I did actually change out of the costume…in to my jammies. Which are from Buffy so they’re a costume, too. facepalm. But now I’m off to conquer laundry and cleaning the kitchen! 😀 I finally feel a little motivated… That and I know I have company coming in twelve days.

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