I’m still here…Promise!

Convention season is in full swing – and that means I’m sewing! Or rather, I should be. Seriously, though. All of my free time of late is being dedicated to sewing – costumes, bags, etc. I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger for staying more active online. I promise, after Dragon*Con and my husband getting back from Afghanistan some time in September, I promise you’ll get sick of my posts.

Not to mention I’m about to start Fat Smash, so that’ll be something to talk about. Or gripe about. Who knows? 🙂

Anyway – WhedonFest was this past weekend!!! I am so excited to be a part of this awesome Can’t Stop the Serenity event for the fourth year. It’s been around longer, I just got involved in 2010. 😉

love this event – it’s a weekend retreat where we celebrate ALL of Joss Whedon’s works – not just Firefly/Serenity…though that is a huge part. I’m also proud to say that my shop, The Patchwork Pirate was a Platinum level sponsor! Originally it was Gold, but my husband made a surprise donation in the shop’s name to bump me up! BEST. HUBBY. EVER. The picture I’ve posted is of the actual bag that was up for auction this year. I’ve also donated a custom set of Buffy Yummy Sushi Pajamas, a set of Whedon coasters, as well as a set of Avengers coasters. I must way they are pretty cool items and I’m so glad they went to great homes!

In sewing news – I’ve been swamped with orders for bags ever since ThinkGeek decided to pull the crap that they did (Not getting into it here – but it involves my bags). I’m also busy with finishing up Dragon*Con costumes! I finally finished my Rose dress after taking it in at the bodice…a LOT. Next up is to work on and hopefully finish Domino. I pretty much hate the first suit I’ve made so I’m going back to the original version I wanted to make. If I don’t get it done in time for Dragon it’s seriously no big deal – I’ll get it finished for Nashville Comic Con for sure.

Dragon*Con News!!!!

So this year I’m taking a more active role at Dragon*Con. I’m hosting the Stargate costuming panel on Saturday evening, participating in the Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Live! Podcast, and on Sunday afternoon I’m judging the Whedon Universe Costume Contest. I’m really excited to be participating, rather than just running around like a mad woman. It feels good. The Whedon Universe costume contest is one of my favorite events to watch, so to be a part of it – Super awesome!

That’s all I’ve got for now, but be sure to head over to my Facebook page and Like it to keep up with more of my shenanigans!  XOXO!

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