A slight redesign…

New icon format

So I wasn’t a huge fan of how I’d been doing the icons for the costume pages… While perusing the interwebs today I stumbled across a format NyuNyu Cosplay was using. She puts reference images beside images of her in her costumes for completed ones, and just a ref pic of the future/in progress ones. Ingenious. So I have decided to do something like that as well. In fact that’s pretty much what I’ve done on this lazy Sunday afternoon.

I also added a new costume! Jennifer Keller from Stargate Atlantis! Go check it out!

As for costuming, things are kind of on hold for D*Con until I can get the Spandex ordered next week. Then it’ll definitely be FULL STEAM AHEAD!

I also really need to narrow down my costume list because frankly, holy crap 15 is a lot!

I’m off to go play more of the Deadpool game. It is pretty much awesome. I recommend it if you’re a D-Pooly fan and  into third person shooters. Full review to come once I’m finished over at TheGeekElite.

Stay shiny!

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