ConGlomeration 2013 Wrap-Up!

This past weekend the hubby and I made the trek to Louisville, KY for ConGlomeration – For those who don’t now, ConGlom (as it’s lovingly called) is a science fiction and mass media convention held every year at the Ramada Plaza Louisville. I gotta give it to the con staff and the rest of the Platypus Army for throwing a successful shindig once again!

This con is very near and dear to me and while it is a small con, it is a LOT of fun!!! Events include 24 hour tabletop gaming, an amazing masquerade, FILK,  panels on everything from costuming to hacking to your favorite fandom(s), and shows! Musical guests this year were the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project. What can I say, Ewok song sung in Klingon makes everyone happy! 😀

Urgency Over Caution - Beth Trott
Artwork by Beth Trott

Guests of Honor this year included Ian “Lizard” Harac (Author), Jason Sizemore (Publisher), and Beth Trott (Artist).

I hosted two panels again this year which were both well received – Costuming on a Budget (of course!) and a new one – Presentation in Cosplay! I plan on working more and expanding the Presentation panel for the future because I see a lot of potential in it! I think it could be really helpful if presented before Masquerade rehearsal (hint hint!). Even though it was at 9AM, there were still some enthusiastic participants so I was glad for that and VERY thankful for making it an engaging conversation and discussion so early in the morning!

Masquerade Judges

The Masquerade this year was something to be seen! There were so many wonderful costumes and I was lucky enough to be asked to judge this year! It was a new experience – seeing the Masquerade from a new perspective rather than a contestant. It was a lot of fun and I hope I’m lucky enough to do it again in the future.

The list of winning costumes are as follows:

Best In Class: Junior – Darth Knight
Best In Class : Novice – Steampunk Princes Peach
Best In Class : Journeyman – Borg and Klingon
Best In Class : Master – The Eighth Doctor
Best Workmanship : Alton (I forgot the character’s last name! So sorry!)
Honorable Mention : Best Design – Steampunk Princess Serenity
Honorable Mention : Best Presentation – The Mauraders
Honorable Mention : Best Accessories – The Mechanic

Best In Show : The Eight Doctor

Congratulations to everyone! You were all pretty awesome in my book and I look forward to what you have to offer in the future!

I have to give major props to The Marauders – You guys didn’t break character ALL DAY when I saw you! Congrats! That’s difficult! ^_^

The two big parties this year were hosted by the Louisville Ghostbusters and Barfleet and were of course a lot of fun!
— Nope, not going further. What happens at Con stays at Con! 😉

Party-time Casual Rogue!

I loved running into my friends who I hardly get to see anymore and I even saw a few surprise friends from Tennessee! 🙂 Such a great bonus! I haven’t seen my friend Allan since freaking JANUARY! I missed my Ninth Doctor! ❤ I also got to see my friend Jay (a pretty awesome writer btw) – who I pretty  much only get to see at ConGlom. Also thanks to him and our friend John for kinda sorta teaching me the new DC deck building game… I was so tired but hopefully I’ll actually get to sit down and play some time soon back here at home. 🙂

All in all, I had a lot of fun again this year and I hope to make it back in 2014!

Also I will be doing a full write-up of my budget panel soon – I also will link to a PDF of my presentation for interested parties.

Stay shiny!

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