Wow! I can’t believe I found that!

imageI’m doing a couple of panels at ConGlomeration in Louisville, KY next weekend involving costuming – “Presentation In Costuming” and “Costuming on a Budget”.

I’ve done these panels in the past and they’ve had a good response. So, in order to prepare for the weekend, I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for my Budget Powerpoint presentation so that I could give it an update.

That’s odd… It’s not on my Macbook… Maybe it’s on my jump drive…

Nope, not there either…

Okay by this point I’m growing concerned but I remembered that I usually have to give panels on my Toshiba at this con because I refuse to buy a connector for the Mac (what? the Macbook was free – I’m not buying crap for it!). Anyway… so that means I had to fire up the Toshiba. Other than it taking like a week and a half to boot up (I haven’t had it on since October) and the fact that the battery was dead… Finally I was in business.

Except I wasn’t.

Where the F is my damn presentation!?

Now I’m starting to panic and going through the entire computer when I stumble across something… Something AWESOME!

5I found the shots that Kirk Hughes took of me and my friend Dorian at the Parthenon as Kaylee and Simon from Firefly!

I am so excited! I thought I was going to have to get another disc made and have it shipped (or pick it up in) from Nashville.

It’s amazing what you can find when you’re not actually looking for it!

Errr…that’s still not solving the lost presentation issue… Oh well I don’t care! This is too freaking awesome!

I’ll make a new presentation this weekend some time… Not to fret!

Looking forward to next weekend! See you at ConGlom!

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