Cosplayer Frustrations…

*WARNING : This entry is a rant and WILL contain swearing. You’ve been warned*

In general I absolutely love cosplaying. I am not the best at it and I will never claim to be – I’m in it for fun! I’m not here to get famous. However, there are some things in the community that just drive me insane! Some in the collecting and building, and some in the people involved. This is just a ranting/raving crazy list so bear with me!

So, I do a lot of costuming. I also collect screen accurate pieces for certain characters. I’ve spent years searching for and acquiring pieces. So it’s really upsetting when I’m coming so close to acquiring an item and then having something go awry.

Case in point – Rose Tyler’s belt. I have spent years looking for this thing and I’ve come close to acquiring one a few times. The first time the belt got up to $300 and I said F that. And I’ve missed out on one or two since. The last time I missed out by ONE BID because ebay fucked up and wouldn’t let me input the WINNING BID.  AUUUUUGH!!! And then last week there were two on a certain website (international) that were BOTH my size! I contacted both sellers hoping that they would be kind enough to ship internationally. Nope. Hell, one seller was down right rude. Well screw you, German person. You didn’t have to be an asshole. The other seller was very nice about it and I thanked them for getting back to me.

I won’t beg, that just comes off as needy and you lose respect from fellow collectors. My fellow Rose collectors discuss those whiny cosplayers who just want things handed to them instead of going out and doing the research and hunting. But I digress. Anyway, the jerk seller only got 9 Euros for their belt and I would have paid them SO.MUCH.MORE. *sigh* Ah well. Granted I’m super envious of whoever got it for that cheap. 😉 I hope I get one like that some day! ^_^

nohatersAnother thing that frustrates me – When a costumer/cosplayer starts criticizing your version of said character. First of all – shut up. I spent a lot of time and money on this. And secondly – SHUT UP. It’s just rude to talk shit about people and their costumes in general. Stop hating. Also, don’t be a critic if you yourself aren’t prepared to be criticized. There was a guy (I won’t say cosplayer) at a con I was at a few weeks back dressed like Tony Stark going around criticizing every single person dressed as Tony Stark and their outfits when he had a goatee drawn on in Sharpie! Dude, bad form. We’re supposed to be doing this for FUNSIES! We gotta remember that!

jealousyThirdly – I’ve spoken on this briefly before – When someone claims a character (in a group or not – doesn’t matter!) and starts getting upset when they see someone else dressed as that character. Jealousy is a green eyed monster and while we all get a twinge of it some times, it’s best to keep it to ourselves. Don’t go running to your friends and trash talking the person. They could be a super cool person and probably would have a lot in common (or at least a little – Hello! Same character!) I see it way too often and frankly it just kinda kills the con-high. It also makes you look like a jerk. (Btw, no idea who those people are in the photo – I Googled “cosplay jealousy” and that came up)

I’ll admit I’ve done it in the past! I hate when I see someone dressed as the same character as me and they’re doing it better. It sucks at first, but I won’t talk shit about them. It kinda makes me want to strive to do better myself. Getting past jealousy – that took a lot of work for me! I used to want to talk crap about people. It was the easy, natural reaction. Jealousy sucks. It also makes YOU feel like crap. Or at least it should.

doesnotapproveThose are some of the big things that frustrate me in cosplay – there are of course little things like procrastinating and having to work on costumes on the way or at the con, wardrobe malfunctions, fittings, stuff like that – but they’re minor and you have to go with the flow at times like that.

Sorry this rant was pretty long but losing two belts today just made me want to put it and some other things out there for the world to see.

I am The Patchwork Pirate, and I am far from perfect.

Stay shiny!

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