The Costume List Keeps Growing…

12 - 1I’ve been hard at work adding costumes to the site! I’ve added Nurse Chapel, Princess Zelda, ROGUE, and a few others!

I’ve also changed the format of each costume page as well – I’ve added a reference picture as well as when they were made and for what event I made them (as well as the “Also Worn”) list.

Another new feature – I actually added the same links to the main “Costumes” page as the drop down menu – What? People like options!

I’ll be continuing to update and add more costumes as I find time – maybe one or two a day – s0 keep checking back! I’m having to go through three or four computers to find pictures of some of them! ^_^;; BAD OCD! You should have made me put them all on ONE! Way to fail!… Anyway…

Lots of awesomeness to come!

Stay shiny!


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