The things we do for cosplay and some much needed down time…

So as an avid costumer I’ve done a LOT of silly things over the years all in the name of cosplay.

Dying my hair insane colors (and frying it), going on crash diets to look “just right” in a costume, wigs, lifts, flattening of the boobs, murdering my feet in shoes that are too big/small/tall, you name it. Everything short of plastic surgery – which atm isn’t an option for me.

With that being said, I like to use my down time in the off-season (there’s an off season!?) to calm everything down. Not stressing over details, working on commissions, not focusing on the next cosplay – stuff like that…

Photo on 2011-03-14 at 22.10 #4Like RIGHT NOW for instance – I’m currently dying my hair back to a darker color because frankly I’m fed up with trying to keep it Rose Tyler blonde. It’s doing murder to my hair and my hairstylist seriously gets pissed every time I go to get a haircut. I’ll eventually get it back to its natural color but just like I did when I decided to go Rose blonde, I have to do it in steps. This takes time. Never mind the fact that I can’t really remember what my natural hair color is – I’ve been dying it since I was 12…

This should help with the breakage issue I’ve been having and maybe I can FINALLY grow my hair long again. Here’s hoping.

Will I regret not having Rose hair anymore? Maybe a little, but I’ve found awesome wigs for both Series 1 and Series 2 versions of her hair so I am not under such stress to keep it a certain way. Before – it was nearly impossible to find a good wig.

Switching Gears…

I’m also working on Geek Wear instead of a costume – I have some awesome fabric that I’ve been dying to turn into a dress. 😀 Working on geek wear means working on more stuff for my shop which also means I can add things to it! And that’s pretty awesome.

My next convention is ConGlomeration in Louisville in April and I haven’t planned on making anything new for it. I’m thinking I may bring out some oldies that I haven’t worn in a while. A friend of mine is going to wear her Super Sailor Moon so I just may have to bring Super Sailor Neptune. 😀

Anyway, that’s some of the things going on in my “down time”…

I’d love to hear some ideas on what YOU do for cosplay and what you do to recuperate in the off-season. Comment below. ❤


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