Shiny Mechanic Workbags

clarencegirlsbagsThis is by far my favorite thing to have commissioned! So I’m giving my “Shiny Mechanic Workbags” their very own page!

*Note – I had to change the name due to some issues that have come up as of late.

katiebagI’ve made several of these bags over the years. And to make them extra special, I use old green coveralls for the fabric – just like Kaylee’s.  This also lets me use those pockets as pockets for the bags in fun new ways.

The bags are usually lined, and I try to use a brightly colored fabric that could resemble a shirt I feel she would have worn!

patrickbagI make the straps out of OD Green belt webbing I find at surplus stores. I can make them as purse straps or as cross body straps – I let the future owner decide. I can also make a varying range of sizes, though laptop sizes do cost a little more because they’re padded.

Jewel Staite has seen my work! The customer told me she really loved the design!

Interested in a bag? Please contact me for details – and message me with any inquiries! I hope to have them back up in a shop soon.

Want to see more of my previous work? Here is a link to my album of bags!

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