Treat Yo Self

It’s been crazy lately, and I needed a distraction from school. This year at Quilt Festival I took that to heart. I look forward to going every year, but this time I went BIG. I had no intention really to buy myself a new sewing machine, but after playing with the Janome HD9 at DragonCon it’s been on my mind. I didn’t want to pay quite that much for a machine just yet, but then the Elna elnita ef1 came into my life. She’s the exact same machine, but mean and green.

So…I did a thing. I bought a very heavy-duty all-metal straight stitch machine. I plan on making bags again soon, so this will be perfect for that as well as my usual cosplay shenanigans.

I also purchased the sewing table for the machine (Janome Universal Table II), some artwork, the Oliso mini iron, an embroidery kit, a Daylight Omega 5 magnifying lamp, a sashiko kit (yay learning new things!), and several other things. Did I go overboard? Probably. 😀

I hope to write a whole post about QF itself, including seeing friends, the Astros winning the World Series during it, etc. – but right now I’m too excited playing with the new machine and figuring out exactly what makes her tick.

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