Costume Progress

Since I’m working on a couple of costumes (and more to come I’m sure), I figured it would be easier to share with everyone my progress / sources by sharing the Evernote notebooks I create for each one.

Currently In Progress

Agatha Harkness v2

I’m completely remaking the dress, and recycling fabrics and notions to use in the new one. As for the current/old one – I have made some upgrades. There’s a lace lightning applique on the yoke, I’ve replaced all of the buttons on the sleeves and torso, added actual chains instead of the faux leather, and glitterfied the fuck out of the dress itself. I’ll be adding more gold/green shimmer to the dress in the upcoming week (one week til DragonCon…woo!).

Progress Log / Notebook

Princess Leia – ESB Cloud City Outfit

I’m currently on panel 3 of the cloak embroidery out of 5. Once that’s done I’ll start building the actual outfit and CloakOfDoom™.

Progress Log / Notebook

Loranys Fre’sar – Jedi Master

I am finally getting around to making myself a set of full Jedi robes. It’s been on my list for ages, and now I’ve got the fabric on order and base pattern in my head.

I’ve also received my belt and I’ve been building my custom lightsaber.

Progress Log / Notebook

Recently Completed Projects

Chrissy Cunningham – Stranger Things S4

Head cheerleader with a bit of a darker streak. Sadly the first victim of Vecna. Chrissy, we hardly knew you.
This one is almost done. All I have left to do is sew the trim onto the jacket sleeves. I ordered a backup jacket just in case, though.

Progress Log / Notebook

Agatha Harkness – 1980s Workout Outfit

Progress Log / Notebook

Page write up coming soon – I need to get more pics in it but it was super fun to wear at DragonCon! The tights ended up bleeding like a mofo when I washed them but now they should calm down.

Agatha Harkness – 1920s Original Version

Progress Log / Notebook

Page write up coming soon – I need more pics in this one, too! I get to re-wear this to my work Christmas party, too. Heheheheh.