On this, the 20th Anniversary…

Of course I would finally find the fabric for the one Kaylee Frye / Firefly costume I’ve been needing to remake.

Kaylee – Photo by Kirk Hughes

Ten years ago I made Kaylee’s Prairie Harpy dress out of a gorgeous reprinted fabric from FabricTales.com called “Flowers on Waves” – and it was VERY close. My dress ended up a little worse for wear after some shenanigans were had at a convention and I had to wash it. It shrunk up, seams got frayed, etc. I’ve been able to salvage it but wow was that an ordeal. SO, why not make it again? I thought about it, but did I REALLY want to spend all of that money on that fabric again? I put it off for several reasons, that being one of them. Another being that I’ve moved like…six times since then (NO MORE!).

Hello, gorgeous.

But the other night I was just looking around (and saw my dress got tagged again on Pinterest), so I thought I’d go to the site and look around. I couldn’t find the “Flower on Waves” fabric anymore in green, but wouldn’t you know it…they have the fricking screen accurate fabric. It is called “Flowers on Water” and it is still expensive for such little fabric, but IT IS HAPPENING! I am absolutely remaking the prairie harpy dress.

Kaylee and Simon – Photo by Kirk Hughes

It was definitely one of those “ADD TO CART” moments.

I am also super thankful that I have a commercial pattern for those stupid sleeves going into the princess seams now. 0/10 do not recommend how I had to draft them last time.

It’s here! It’s perfect!

So stay tuned! I’ll work on adding her to my Progress log and hopefully she won’t take too long to knock out – I remember the first one didn’t. Now to go find another pink doily of doom (or hijack the Frankensteined one from v1).

Stay shiny and keep flyin!

Oh NOW they tell me…

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