Mid 2021 Update

I know, it’s been a while. There’s been a good reason – we bought a house! We closed on June 14th, just in time for my mom to come into town for a visit with my Aunt Cindy (mom’s best friend, no relation). It’s a good thing they did, too! They stayed up on the north side of town (where the new house is), and I was supposed to spend the night in the new place and paint – but the power was completely out. I ended up staying with them that night.

It wouldn’t have been so bad to go back to the old house, except that it’s 50 miles away. Yep – we moved from one side of Houston to the other (direct N-S), and it’s seriously 50 freaking miles – less if you cut through the city but no one has time for that.

Our house is awesome. It was built in 1980 and it’s a shed-style house, meaning it is SUPER FUNKY. It ticked off every single box on our wishlist and it’s unique. The whole neighborhood is that way. The older part (our part) has all kinds of shed-style homes and none of them look the same. It’s wonderful! Our neighbors are great, too! Both next-door neighbors are retirees who are super helpful, and across the street is a cool family. We love it here. Plus we’re close to the Woodlands so that’s a bonus.

So we’ve been EXTREMELY busy as of late. We’ve been trying to paint every single wall in this house because I am *SO TIRED* of looking at landlord beige (the old house was also wall-to-wall beige). I’ll post some kitchen pics – that’s one room we were focused on. There’s still landlord beige in the bathrooms, but ehhh. I’ll get painted as well soon enough.

Here’s some pics of what all we’ve been doing in the house so far. We have a very long list to get done, but we have time to do it. I’m just glad it’s ours. 🙂

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