Liberty Belle Writeup

What is this? Two posts in one month!? I know, I know. Insanity. The other day I realized I never made a writeup about my Liberty Belle costume from GLOW!


So here I am on a Saturday night, fighting insomnia. And I made the page for her at last. It’s also been so long that I totally forgot about the menu format and was like…WHY THE FUCK ISN’T THIS SHOWING UP!? And then remembered about my custom menu. sigh Let’s break this sucker down even more, though.


The Gorgeous(?) Ladies of Wrestling
  • Leotard Fabric : Mystique velvet from Spandex World in silver/white hologram (no longer in stock, so I’ll need to find a new source)
  • Vest Fabric : White marine vinyl for the front, and the same mystique velvet in back. I used a white zipper for the closure, same as the screen worn outfit.
    ++ Stars : Iron on vinyl stars in various sizes from CrystalsRUs
    ++ Rhinestones : Clear, red, and blue ss10 and ss16 hotfix rhinestones from Zbella (I ended up just gluing them w/E6000 liquid stitch though — do not iron vinyl)
    ++ Please note I bought extra of both the stars and rhinestones to make repairs — which I have to do pretty much every time I wear this. The rhinestones are gonna pop off if you’re putting people in a headlock or whatever.
  • Tights : Capezio shimmery footed dance tights in Light Toast. I cut a slit in the crotch and finished the edges. For obvious reasons.
  • Boots : Lonsdale women’s wrestling/boxing boot (no longer available, aftermarket is your best best)
  • Necklace : Silver plate choker/necklace from Amazon
  • Wig : Vedar ombre blonde lace front wig that I then rolled and steamed into tight curls
  • Makeup : I went over that in the page itself.

A fun little tidbit – after wearing this at DragonCon 2018 there was SO MUCH RED on it that had rubbed off from my friend’s Zoya costume! It’s like we were wrestling or something? Even though she prewashed her fabric. I was in a fucking panic because it was ALL OVER the leotard and vest. All was not lost, however! The red came out of the leotard fine with a wash, and the vest is now clean af thanks to a hit w/the magic eraser. It totally got all of the red off of the vinyl of the vest.


I hope you all get some use out of my page / post, because I loooooove this costume and it’s one of my favorites to wear. I can’t wait to make her ridiculous flag skirt from Season 2. Now to get more of that holo fabric for the lining….

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