Kaylee Shindig Dress – Updated Tutorial

New bodice – progress + belt

Since I received a comment / question regarding my Kaylee Shindig Dress construction, I decided to go ahead and update that tutorial with my second bodice updates! Back in 2015ish, I completely remade the top to my PinkFluffyNightmare™. I upgraded materials, trims, etc to make a much better version IMO.

Updated materials include:

  • Ivory silk embroidered organza
  • Pink and yellow tassel trim
  • Pink silk vintage sari w/embroidery

I also reused some elements from v1 before I ripped it apart — such as the buttons. I tried to reuse the trims but the organdy was not having it. Oh well. Thankfully M&J Trimming still had those in stock!

I ended up using the sari to make the belt like I did before, and also a bow! Before I just used satin ribbon, but her bow is definitely made from the same fabric as the sleeves and belt, so I finally did the thing.

I also decided to not be lazy while I remade this version, and added the sleeve fringe immediately. I didn’t wait 4 years to do it this time. 🙂

Anyway, you can read the updated tutorial here or under the tutorial header and feel free to contact me with any questions!

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