DragonCon 2017 Progress

I’m insane. I decided to make THREE (four if I include Peggy’s suit) new costumes for DragonCon, most of which are made of freaking spandex or other type of knit. I’ve just completed one (Buffy!), and I need to order the fabric for the other two. My lineup this year is as follows:

  • Ghostbuster
  • Buffy – movie version*
  • Sailor Neptune – Crystal version*
  • Peggy Carter – blue dress*
  • Kaylee Frye – shindig dress
  • Liv Moore – iZombie
  • Carrie Kelley / Robin
  • Rogue – Uncanny Avengers / X-Men*
  • Leslie Knope – Pawnee Goddesses
  • Senatorial Leia

*Denotes new for DragonCon!

I should have taken pics of my horribly messy sewing room floor. Yellow knit fabric everywhere. You can see sneak peeks of my progress over on my Instagram (gotta follow to see).

It’s not too ambitious, right? DragonCon is my absolute favorite convention to make new costumes for. I can’t tell you all how excited I am, and the HYPE TRAIN is in full swing. I just booked my flight (for an amazing price. Thanks Southwest!), and all I’ll have to do is figure out how to cram everything into the RollingDuffleOfAwesome™ and garment bags, give money to the roommates who are driving to pick up some boozage, and then I’ll be set. I’ll post the yearly reminders and tips soon. Time to work on my costume spreadsheet for this year.

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