March for Science – Houston

Bustin’ for Science

This past Saturday I participated in the March for Science in Houston. I felt that as a women in STEM, there is a lot of legislation being proposed to cut very much needed programs such as the EPA, the NIH, among others. I also do not support the climate deniers that are currently in power, and I feel like our voices need to be heard. I could go on, but I’ll digress for now. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss.

City Hall

Not only was I determined to march this weekend, but I was able to convince some of the fellow members of the Houston Area Ghostbusters to go in uniform as well. Not only did we march for a great cause, but we were able to bring some fun to the event.

There were people from all walks of life there. Families, POC, scientists, science supporters, old, young, you name it. It was a wonderful event full of positivity! The HPD estimates that our march had over 15,000 people in attendance!

Overall, a great day. Many thanks to the organizers and speakers of our rally, and I hope we are able to come together again for more action items!

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