We Got One!!!

The new digs.

FINALLY! We have a house! We’re in the unpacking phase, but yes. We have a home! I can’t wait to set up the office so I can get back into the swing of sewing things! 😀

Costume Updates – #1) I finished Peggy! I need to take the skirt in, stiffen the jacket a bit at the front, and get better pics. It looks awesome! #2) My things arrived! I wanted to roll around and hug my Rose things. Seriously, I was worried about them while they were in storage for six months. #3) Once the office/sewing room is set up, I’ll start on remaking Kaylee’s shindig bodice. It’s in dire need. I have a few more projects up my sleeve, so keep an eye out.

Work Updates – I’m getting super busy at work. I have about five projects I’m a part of at the moment. That’s not a bad thing! It does mean that I can’t sew as much as I could in Florida (haha). Whatever, I like my job and I like having a steady paycheck. 😉

Now that we’re in a place, expect more updates and blogs and tutorials! I finally have a place to sit, write, sew, and do the geeky things I love!

Stay shiny!

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