Site and Costume Updates!

First – Not really much to report, but it was brought to my attention that I the graphic I made for Zuul patterning was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off! Thanks Ali for catching it! It didn’t even dawn on me that I put the wrong thing on, as I tend to do the conversion math in my head – that’s what I get for not slowing down when I do things. Anyway! I have since uploaded the graphic on both the costume page and the construction page.

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to leave a comment or drop an email. You guys are awesome and catch my goof ups. 🙂

Second – I’m working through commissions. Two bags have gone out to their forever homes, and I’m finishing up Princess Zelda from LoZ: Skyward Sword. All that is left is finishing the yellow bits on the pink dress. This is being made for a lovely nine year old who wants to be Zelda for Halloween. I of course had to accept because I encourage ALL THINGS ZELDA! Pretty much. Anyway, here are some progress photos. The jewels were commissioned from StarlitCreations (Etsy) and they’re amaze-balls! I actually ordered an additional set for my Zelda costume.

Gold belt – Done! 😀
In-progress yellow bits. XD
Other than that, I’m busy busy. I have two more bag commissions and a few other things.

In personal costuming news, I’ve ordered a lot of teal and turquoise swatches. Neptune is coming. Sailor Neptune is getting remade at last and I plan on work on Princess Neptune at some point. Huzzah! Also, working on this Zelda has made me want to remake my costume as well. I’ve made two dresses now for myself. I want to redo a lot of things on it and I may have a chance. I like the way I made the gold belt this time around – it was similar to before but with different types of paints. They look a lot better truth be told.

Also, the hubster is working hard to repair the thrower on my proton pack that he broke while wearing it at Alamo City Comic Con. sigh Hopefully it’s finished for Halloween because that’s what I planned on wearing. ^_^;

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