DragonCon 2017 List!

DragonCon is almost upon us! I have a few new costumes, and then a few old ones (7 total?). Two of the new ones are almost done, but I’ve been procrastinating. Shame on me! I SHOULD BE SEWING!!! And also packing. Here’s my lineup for this year:

  • Rogue – Uncanny Avengers
    • I need to finish the front closure.
  • Sailor Neptune – Sailor Moon:Crystal
    • Finish glove bands
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 1992 Movie
  • Leslie Knope – Pawnee Goddesses
  • Carrie Kelley Robin – The Dark Knight Returns
    • I definitely need to take the shorts in. Yay for weight loss!
  • Jennifer Keller – Stargate Atlantis (Parade)
    • I need to find my watch. o_o
  • Ghostbuster 

I was hoping to bring Leia for the Princess Leia photoshoot, but it looks like my photo op with Nathan Fillion is at the exact same time – so that’s not going to happen. It feels weird, only bringing these few costumes. I’m not complaining though since I’m flying this year. 🙂

Now I’m off to work on my packing list. I head out bright and early Wednesday!

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