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We Got One!!!

We Got One!!!

FINALLY! We have a house! We’re in the unpacking phase, but yes. We have a home! I can’t wait to set up the office so I can get back into the swing of sewing things! :D Costume Updates – #1) I finished Peggy! I need to take the skirt in, stiffen the jacket a bit … Continue reading


  • New year, new look! I decided to play around with the layout and have chosen a new one. I liked the last one a lot, save for a couple of layout issues (sidebars...). I hope you all find this one easier to navigate!
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Some light reading before bed. #rogue  #xmen #marvelcomics This particular flavor was amazing. If they weren't so expensive I'd buy a ton of them. #beardedbrothers #texastreats #omnomnom Gasp! Taking apart the bodice to my #kaylee shindig dress so I can reuse some parts. #firefly You get brownie points if you know what I'm making. #drinkofmypeople #needsalcohol



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