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I feel like I have way too many costumes in progress right now. If it’s not the whole costume, it’s some accessory or semi-minor detail that I’m working on. Here’s the current list…I think. 1 – Kaylee’s Shindig Dress The bodice is mostly complete, I just need to add the peplum and sleeves, and trimmy … Continue reading


  • 2016 is fast approaching, and I have a lot in store for the new year! This past year was a bit slow for me, with moving yet again and job hunting, and even though I'll be moving yet again this summer (yaaaayyy.... :( - hopefully the last time) I should have some time to work on all of the things I have planned. Speaking of, I have a new costume in the works for GallifreyOne in February, and I hope to have a progress blog soon! It'll be a doozy. I have a lot more planned as well, but that's the next BIG project. Wish me luck! (P.S. - I am too old for Heelys and I'm probably going to kill myself learning how to use them properly.)
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And now for the Masquerade! #gallifreyone2016 Ribbon Roll! #gallifreyone2016 Excuse me while I nom. Dat line tho. #innout #gallifreyone2016



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