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Updates and things I’m doing on my summer non-vacation.

Updates and things I’m doing on my summer non-vacation.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but things have been busy with the new job – which I love. What I don’t love is not being able to use vacation days for six months. It is what it is. Updates – I’ve joined a local community / cosplay Doctor Who group – Cosplay Gallifrey Houston. … Continue reading


  • New year, new look! I decided to play around with the layout and have chosen a new one. I liked the last one a lot, save for a couple of layout issues (sidebars...). I hope you all find this one easier to navigate!
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The photo covers I made for my #lifeplanner to go inside. Look at all these nerds!!! #tbt to 2009 - My brother and I at ren faire during pirate weekend of May that year. Off with the old! I didn't like the standard #lifeplanner front cover, and since I had a coupon for a free custom cover, I went with something more fitting. Gotta represent my favorite member of #cloneclub! It also fits for my career field. #yeahscience Getting started with my #lifeplanner. My custom cover should be in this week! ! #erincondren #erincondrenlifeplanner



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