Costume Progress

Since I’m working on a couple of costumes (and more to come I’m sure), I figured it would be easier to share with everyone my progress / sources by sharing the EverNote notebooks I create for each one.

Currently In Progress

Agatha Harkness v2

I’m completely remaking the dress, and recycling fabrics and notions to use in the new one.

Progress Log / Notebook

Princess Leia – ESB Cloud City Outfit

I’m currently on panel 3 of the cloak embroidery out of 5. Once that’s done I’ll start building the actual outfit and CloakOfDoom™.

Progress Log / Notebook

Agatha Harkness – Workout Outfit (80s)

Yeah, yeah. But I found a very similar fabric so I kind of HAVE to make this, right? Plus, it’s one of her 80s outfits. I’m down. Time to Jazzercize!

I’ve just started on this so there’s not much going on in the notebook.

Progress Log / Notebook

Loranys Fre’sar – Jedi Master

I am finally getting around to making myself a set of full Jedi robes. It’s been on my list for ages, and now I’ve got the fabric on order and base pattern in my head.

Progress Log / Notebook